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Laminaplasty is a technically demanding procedure in which a surgeon reshapes the lamina to make more room for the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Although this procedure can yield many benefits without disturbing much spinal tissue, many surgeons lack the skills necessary to perform it. At Biscup Spine, however, our founder has over 30 years of experience performing spinal surgery and is considered to be one of the top practitioners in his field. If laminaplasty is a viable treatment option for your back pain, we can perform the operation under the safest conditions.

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What are the Advantages of Laminaplasty?

As mentioned above, many surgeons do not make laminaplasty their preferred surgical treatment for back pain due to its complexity. However, there are several benefits to receiving a laminaplasty over alternative lamina procedures:

  • Minimal tissue disturbance – The spine’s tissue and bone were never intended to be manipulated or removed, but this is sometimes necessary for back surgery. In laminaplasty, the soft tissue in the lamina is reshaped, rather than removed, which is better for the back and means less risk of complications.
  • No spinal fusion or grafts – Spinal fusion is a common procedure that fuses pieces of the spine together with synthetic bone graft to stabilize the spine. While this can help reduce pain, it can also limit a patient’s mobility, and the surgery itself is fairly involved. A laminaplasty can eliminate the need for spinal fusion and bone grafts.
  • Less invasive and faster recovery – Although not a true minimally-invasive procedure, laminaplasty is still less invasive than spinal fusion. This means less blood loss, reduced risk of infection, and a faster recovery period.

At Biscup Spine, Dr. Robert S. Biscup will discuss all of the pros and cons of laminaplasty with you before you make a decision. We can also provide you with a second opinion on whether or not spinal surgery is even necessary.

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