Herniated discs, or slipped discs, are extremely common. In cases where damage is severe, the disc will need to be removed using this procedure.

Discectomy Spine Surgery

Herniated discs, or slipped discs, are a common back ailment and can be treated non-surgically in most cases. Sometimes, however, they’re a more serious issue. In these instances, the disc will need to be removed with a procedure called a discectomy.

Dr. Robert S. Biscup is a leading spine surgeon experienced in performing minimally invasive discectomies. With more than three decades of experience in treating a variety of spinal conditions, Dr. Biscup is an expert in determining whether surgery is a necessary approach. At Biscup Spine, we believe surgery should always be a last resort, and we’ll help you explore all other options first.

Back Surgery Does Not Have to Put You Out of Action

Many discectomies can be performed through minimally invasive percutaneous procedures. In this instance, a tiny surgical probe (instead of a scalpel) is used to remove the damaged portion of the spinal disc. This avoids the need for open surgery, which carries a greater risk of infection and leads to longer post-surgical recovery.

There are two types of percutaneous discectomy procedures:

  • Percutaneous Nucleoplasty Collation: Radio waves are applied outside the damaged disc area to destroy it. This method does not require incision and is very precise, so it won’t damage much of the surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Percutaneous Laser Discectomy: A small puncture is made in the back near the damaged disc. A laser probe is placed through the puncture and destroys the herniated portions of the disc.

These are both outpatient procedures, meaning you can leave the clinic shortly after surgery. Because the procedures are minimally invasive, you should be able to resume normal activities within a few days, if not immediately.


I awoke from surgery with zero pain and walked out the next morning feeling perfectly normal. I have not had one single twinge of pain since the surgery. This is truly a miracle for me.

Jim, NY

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