Managing Pain Responsibly

Pain management is not a cure for your back pain, but it can improve your quality of life almost immediately.

Back Pain Management

Treating Painful Symptoms

Back pain management is not a cure for back problems. It is a way to help reduce or eliminate the painful symptoms that back conditions cause.

Dr. Biscup offers the following pain-management treatments:

  • Epidurals: An injection of medications applied directly to the outermost part of the spinal canal. We utilize advanced imaging technology so we can perform the injection with extreme precision.
  • Facet Injections: Anti-inflammatory medication and anesthetic applied to arthritic spinal joints guided by X-ray imaging.
  • Nerve Ablation: When a back condition cannot be cured right away, we can destroy the nerves that are causing the pain as a temporary treatment.
  • Nerve Block: Works as both a pain treatment and diagnostic measure. By blocking off certain nerves, we can determine whether a back condition is exerting pressure on them.
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