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Patients from across the country and around the world turn to Dr. Biscup for an informed second opinion based on his 30-years of experience achieving extraordinary patient outcomes and his distinguished career. Dr. Biscup provides a thorough review of prior treatment plans and a robust exploration of all approaches best suited to your specific condition, goals, and lifestyle.


I awoke from surgery with zero pain and walked out the next morning feeling perfectly normal. I have not had one single twinge of pain since the surgery. This is truly a miracle for me.

Jim, NY


My back feels better than it has in a long time. I am even back to softball and fishing with very little pain. I'm thankful to Dr. Biscup for helping to improve my quality of life.

Jeff, FL


Immediately following surgery, I was standing and walking pain free. I am enjoying my life again and have Dr. Robert Biscup to thank!

David, OH

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