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Minimally Invasive Back Pain Treatments

When it comes to back surgery, spinal surgeons are always looking for simpler, safer, and less invasive treatments for their patients. Dr. Robert S. Biscup is a national leader in back surgery, and an innovator in minimally-invasive procedures. One of the safest procedures he offers with one of the highest success rates is microdiscectomy.

The goal of this procedure is to repair or remove damaged spinal discs (rubbery pieces of cartilage separating vertebrae). It is a common procedure for severely herniated discs.

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Get the Facts About Your Back Surgery Options

One of the primary benefits of receiving back pain treatment at Biscup Spine is that we work for you, not a hospital or healthcare system. Back surgery is a last resort treatment for back pain, and we thoroughly assess our patients’ conditions before recommending an operation.

The microdiscectomy is a frequently recommended procedure because it is fast and effective. Learn some quick facts about microdiscectomy:

  • A microdiscectomy usually treats leg pain, numbness, and weakness caused by herniated discs.
  • Due to advances in technology, a microdiscectomy requires only a small incision and typically does not require overnight hospitalization.
  • The procedure can usually be performed in under an hour.
  • Recovery is usually quick, allowing normal activities within weeks.
  • The success rate with this surgery is in the 90- to 95-percent range.

Most patients experience pain relief immediately or within a few days. There is often some discomfort around the incision in the back, but this, too, is normally diminished within a week to ten days. A mild pain reliever usually eases soreness in the meantime.

Take Back Your Life

We know that you can’t always afford to take several days off to treat back pain. Sometimes, this is an unfortunate necessity, but the microdiscectomy is one of the few back procedures that allows you to get back on your feet within a matter of days. Most patients will be able to resume normal activities immediately after the operation so long as they continue to avoid strenuous physical activity like weight lifting for a month or two.

Microdiscectomies are just one of the back pain procedures offered at Biscup Spine. Call (800) 533-7313 today to explore all of your options..

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