failed back surgery

Failed Back Surgery

An estimated 1 in 5 patients who have had back surgery at other clinics experience continued, recurrent, or new back problems near their surgical sites.

Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment of Failed Back Surgery

Failed back surgery affects nearly 20% of surgical patients who report continued, recurrent, or even new back problems near their surgical sites. These conditions are commonly referred to as failed spine surgery, failed backs, or post-laminectomy syndrome.

Dr. Biscup utilizes innovative diagnostic tools to identify the underlying cause of your back pain and determine the underlying cause of your continued back pain.

Evaluating Your Condition from Different Perspectives:

  • Spine anatomy
  • Pain management
  • Medical (general health)
  • Functional ability
  • Psychological concerns such as stress, which can play a major role in back pain

Follow-up surgery may be necessary to recover from a failed back procedure, but that’s not always the case. Dr. Biscup will carefully assess your unique condition and explore non-invasive treatments before resorting to more surgery. In many cases, he has improved the quality of life for failed back surgery patients through functional and regenerative medical treatments.


With 30 years of pain - you name it I tried it. Then I was told of Dr. Biscup. I am back playing golf and taking long car rides. I have never felt so good!!!

Mary, OH

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