bone spurs

Bone Spurs

A painful, abnormal overgrowth of bone in the spine that narrows the spinal canal and exerts pressure on the nerves.

Comprehensive Diagnosis & Treatment of Bone Spurs

Bone spur growth can be stimulated by back injuries or continuous stress on the spine. Bone spurs are our body’s attempt to protect us from pain by stabilizing the spine when arthritis weakens it.

The good news is that spurs do not always need to be removed. Biscup Spine can treat the condition causing bone spur growth, to prevent the spurs from causing more damage. While the spurs themselves are typically asymptomatic, they can lead to extremely painful symptoms like pinched nerves. They are also a key player in the development of spinal stenosis.


At Biscup Spine, we have experience treating many of the conditions that stimulate the growth of spurs and their painful side effects. Conditions that can lead to spurs include:

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