Back Pain Management

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Back Pain Management

Noninvasive Treatments for Back Pain

Are you suffering from back pains while you recover from back surgery? Do you have a back condition that cannot be cured? If you have been living with back pain, either temporary or chronic, back pain management could be just what you need to take back your life.

Back pain management is not a cure for back problems— they are treatments to help reduce or eliminate the painful symptoms back conditions cause. At Biscup Spine, we offer cutting-edge, minimally invasive back pain treatments with the goal of creating long-term relief and improving quality of life.

We offer the following back pain management treatments:

  • Epidurals – An injection of medications applied directly to the outermost part of the spinal canal. We utilize advanced imaging technology so that we can perform the injection with extreme precision.
  • Facet injections – An injection guided by X-ray imaging that applies anti-inflammatory medication and anesthetic to arthritic spinal joints.
  • Nerve ablation – When a back condition cannot be cured right away, we can destroy the nerves that are causing the pain as a temporary treatment.
  • Nerve block – A nerve block works as both a pain treatment and diagnostic measure. In blocking off certain nerves, we can determine whether or not a back condition is exerting pressure on them.

Our founder, Dr. Robert S. Biscup, has over 30 years of experience treating back conditions. He is extremely knowledgeable of the intricacies of back pain, including how it responds to various therapies and medications. We are concierge spinal clinic, so when you become our patient, you hire Dr. Robert S. Biscup on retainer. We do not work for a hospital, medical center, or health network; we work for you.

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