Dec 20, 2019 | Treatments

Why Top Athletes Are Turning to Regenerative Medicine

It comes as no surprise to hear of golfers, tennis pros, and anglers looking for unconventional treatment methods to bring them back into the game as quickly as possible.  Just last year there were several reporting of the ‘The Golden Bear’ Jack Nicklaus obtaining an innovative stem cell procedure so as to return to the golf course without debilitating spinal pain.  Regenerative medicine by means of stem cell treatments are quickly being implemented worldwide through a variety of techniques. Proven to increase post-operative functionality as well as lessen complication rates, it has caught the attention of athletes and physicians alike.

A breakthrough in the field of medicine, stem cell therapies provide the patient with an even greater benefit by freeing them from the confines of rigid limitations associated with traditional treatment options. For example, a hydrocortisone injection is synthetic in nature, limited by the number of times it can be administered, and only works towards alleviating the pain at best.  Stem cell therapies, in comparison, are derived from the body’s own biologic; thus, allowing the patient to receive multiple rounds of treatments and assists in regenerating tissues in the affected region(s) of the body.  In wanting to add to the minimally invasive techniques for his patients, Dr. Robert Biscup adopted this service in order to enhance the holistic care Biscup Spine can provide for the community.

Biscup Spine found an 80% efficacy in positive outcomes through implementation of a regenerative process involving the harvesting of bone marrow from the posterior pelvic region.  Once isolated, the stem cells can be re-injected into the affected areas such as your neck, shoulder, hip, and/or knees.  Patients who undergo this type of procedure return home within the same day and are advised to keep their activity at a minimal level over the course of the next week.  After three months’ time, most patients typically return to their full, active lifestyles without any drawbacks.

To the reader, we ask you this: if you are experiencing ongoing pain in major joint areas and are unable to fish, golf, play tennis, etc. – why wait to get back to the activities you love most?  Please feel free to call our offices or schedule a consultation to learn more about how we can help you regain an active lifestyle.