Apr 11, 2022 | Treatments

Lower Back Pain Treatment Options: Comprehensive Solutions From Biscup Spine

lower back pain treatment options

Improving your spine health starts with finding the doctor and practice that will provide you with a comprehensive solution for your pain. We understand that although the spine is just one part of the body, patients must be considered as a whole in order to receive truly effective treatment. This is why we consider a comprehensive solution for lower back pain treatment so crucial – if the true root cause of the condition is not first discovered, treatment will not be effective. In this article, we’ll discuss Biscup Spine’s lower back pain treatment options as well as what sets our comprehensive solutions apart. 

Comprehensive Solutions at Biscup Spine

At Biscup Spine, our comprehensive solution begins with a one-on-one hour-long consultation with Dr. Biscup. Our office is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology that Dr. Biscup utilizes to gain a holistic understanding of your condition and determine the origin of your pain. With this knowledge, he can then develop a surgical or non-surgical treatment plan designed to address your unique condition.

Although Dr. Biscup is a world-renowned innovator of spine surgery who has developed, perfected and taught complex surgical techniques to physicians around the world, he understands that surgery isn’t always necessary for lower back pain treatment. In fact, his approach to treatment is one that avoids surgery unless it is the only effective option for pain relief. 

However, Dr. Biscup understands that in many circumstances, surgery is the best treatment option. In these cases, Dr. Biscup not only guides patients through the pre- and post-operative process but will perform the procedure as well. All of our patients receive personal care from Dr. Biscup in the exam room, the operating room, and the recovery room. 

Using the full breadth of Dr. Biscup’s expertise, the Biscup Spine team will provide you with lower back pain treatment options using the tools and resources needed to help ensure you meet your goals with the highest quality of clinical care and an unmatched standard of service excellence.

Every Piece of Our Comprehensive Solutions

Our comprehensive solutions to lower back pain treatment include surgical and non-surgical treatment. Every patient’s situation is unique and may not necessarily require both lower back pain treatment options, but all options are considered when designing a treatment plan.

Surgical Treatment

Dr. Biscup is known and respected worldwide for his expertise and advancements in surgical techniques used to treat the spine. One of these advancements includes Microdecompression Laminaplasty, a procedure created by Dr. Biscup himself. Dr. Biscup’s approach to surgical treatment is always to find the simplest and least invasive solution. In line with this philosophy, Microdecompression Laminaplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that is easy on the body and performed under local or spinal anesthesia. This, along with other minimally invasive procedures performed by Dr. Biscups, is much safer for patients and allows for a faster recovery than traditional surgery can provide.

While these minimally invasive surgical options are easier on patients’ bodies, they are much more technically demanding and more complicated for surgeons to perform. This is why most physicians and hospitals do not offer these procedures. Dr. Biscup is one of few surgeons with the skills and experience required to perform these advanced procedures. He has received extensive training and is frequently called upon to teach his skills to others. 

Non-Surgical Treatment

Although many people believe that non-surgical lower back pain treatment options simply buy time until surgery is absolutely necessary. However, Dr. Biscup understands that in some cases, all a patient needs to experience pain relief is a non-surgical treatment

Our non-surgical treatment options include our integrative and regenerative medicine programs. Biscup Integrative Medicine takes a preventive and proactive approach toward guiding patients to better health. Our team understands the importance of incorporating personalized medicine into any attempt to find the root cause of a patient’s condition.

Dr. Biscup has continually developed innovative methodologies in orthopedic care throughout his 35-year career. This is what has motivated him to expand his expertise into regenerative medicine, which provides a less invasive approach to treating certain injuries and conditions. Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) are the regenerative treatments offered at Biscup Spine. Both regenerative options leverage the body’s own cellular material to boost self-healing processes and can be used to treat conditions such as degenerative disc disease and facet arthritis. 

Place Your Spine Health in the Best of Hands at South Florida’s Premier Spine Clinic

At Biscup Spine, you’ll receive unrivaled lower back pain treatment options. We’ll help you determine what will be most effective in treating your specific condition. Because your treatment is custom-tailored, you can be sure that Dr. Biscup will succeed even where other doctors have not.

If you’re currently living with any condition causing your lower back pain, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-533-7313 or contact us online today. Our goal is to deliver the best outcome possible for the relief of your back pain and we pride ourselves on our proven ability to do so. We look forward to partnering with you on your successful journey to better health.