Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Restore Mobility And Reduce Pain

Regenerative Medicine for Back Pain

Non-Surgical Back Treatments

One of the goals of medical research is to find more efficient, less invasive ways of repairing the body, and regenerative medicine is one of the most promising fields we have in that effort. Regenerative medicine is a treatment method that helps the body repair or regrow damaged tissue and organs.

This exciting, cutting-edge treatment is still somewhat rare as few providers have the expertise necessary to use it efficiently. Dr. Robert S. Biscup, founder and primary surgeon of Biscup Spine, in a nationally recognized spine expert. As a patient of our clinic, you will have access to the most advanced treatments for back pain, including regenerative medicine.

Helping the Back Heal Itself

The idea behind regenerative medicine is that our own body can be prompted to heal itself. For back pain, regenerative medicine is primarily focused on spinal discs, the rubbery pieces of cartilage between vertebrae, and the tissue surrounding the spine.

Current regenerative treatments for back pain include:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Blood is a key component of the body’s healing process, specifically the platelets found in plasma. PRP injections are applied to worn down areas of the spine to stimulate stem cell development. This is a promising treatment for arthritis and other degenerative conditions.
  • Stem cell therapy– Stem cells are blank cells that take on the properties of the cells around them. Injecting stem cells into a damaged area that no longer produces cells allows us to better treat conditions that were once considered untreatable.
  • Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) – Your own bone marrow is rich with stem cells that can be transferred to areas of the body that have degenerated. BMAC has proven to be an effective treatment for joint pains and spinal injuries.
  • Tissue engineering – Using bone grafts and other implants are a common treatment for many back conditions. With regenerative medicine, we can now create biomaterial implants created with a patient’s own stem cells and tissue. This makes it easier for the implant to fuse with the body and regenerate damaged areas.

Work One-on-One With a Spine Expert

At Biscup Spine, we work for you, the patient, rather than a clinic or hospital. We spare no effort to find the most effective treatment for your back pain. Dr. Robert S. Biscup personally works with all of our patients, meaning you will have access to all of the advanced treatments our clinics in Florida and New York have to offer.

If you are interested in regenerative medicine as a treatment for your back pain, please contact us today.

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