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Pilates, Yoga & Other Back Pain Exercises

If you are looking for a proven exercise program for back pain, the spine care experts at Biscup Spine are here to help. Our founder, Dr. Biscup, has over 35 years of experience treating back pain. As an experienced spinal surgeon, he is familiar with many noninvasive treatments and exercises that can help patients avoid the need for back surgery.

At Biscup Spine, you hire Dr. Biscup on retainer. We work with you to develop the ideal back pain treatment tailored to your needs and lifestyle. We can help you create core exercise program that may prevent the need for back surgery.

Call (800) 533-7313 to schedule an appointment at Biscup Spine. We can help you build a core exercise program that with techniques that have proven to be effective for treating back pain.

Creating Your Personalized Exercise Program

A core exercise program involves stretching chronically tight muscles or muscles suffering spasms. As with any health condition, it’s good to seek different opinions and evaluate options, and always work with certified and experienced trainers, instructors, and therapists.

The following are some common components of a core exercise program for back pain:

  • Exercise balls – There are more than 1,000 types of exercise that can be performed with exercise balls. Exercise balls come in a variety of sizes, picking the right one for you depends on your physical condition.
  • Pilates – These exercises combine stretching, strengthening, and aerobic exercise into one activity and does not require any equipment. Pilates strengthens the upper body, improving balance, posture, and pain management.
  • Yoga – Yoga exercises are focused on stretching and strengthening various muscles. It can also improve metabolism, organ fiction, and reduce stress.

If you suffer from back pain, it is important that you do not begin an exercise program without consulting a back pain specialist. While these exercises can be helpful, there are certain activities you will want to avoid as they can put too much strain on an already weakened spine.

Dr. Biscup can help you plan out a safe, effective exercise program and connect you with a personal trainer experienced in working with patients with back pain.

Find a core exercise program to strengthen your back by calling (800) 533-7313 and scheduling an appointment with our skilled spine surgeon.

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