Spinal Stenosis?

A fusion is not your only option.

Dr. Biscup is an expert in minimally-invasive micro-surgeries with faster recovery times and exceptional, life-changing outcomes.

“I was able to walk the same day after surgery...and have not experienced any pain since. Dr. Biscup's skills are outstanding, I could not recommend him higher.”
Roy, MI

Dr. Biscup specializes in Spinal Stenosis and failed back surgery, often for patients who are told they have no further options. He is a 35-year expert in the field who has helped thousands of patients recover their mobility and quality of life - without a spinal fusion.

Concierge Care

As a Biscup Spine patient, you'll receive all the amenities of our concierge practice.

Direct Access to Dr. Biscup

As his patient, you will receive Dr. Biscup's personal cellphone number and email to communicate with him directly throughout your journey.

IV Therapy

Our protocol includes IV therapy before and after your procedure to boost your immune system and prepare your body for optimal healing and recovery.

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Experience Matters.

As a leader and educator in the realm of spinal stenosis treatment, Dr. Biscup stands at the forefront of spinal stenosis treatment, sharing his knowledge through global lectures and mentoring top spine surgeons.

Dr. Biscup is a world leader in minimally invasive spine surgery for the treatment of spinal stenosis and other conditions affecting the lumbar spine. He achieves exceptional outcomes for his patients, often providing immediate relief and avoiding the need for future surgeries. 

Dr. Robert S. Biscup

The Biscup Technique

Quick Relief

Dr. Biscup uses only minimally invasive techniques for spinal stenosis that often provides immediate relief for his patients.

Faster Recovery Time

Dr. Biscup's surgeries are performed through a thumbnail sized incision, using a microscope. There is no hardware and no damage to surrounding tissues, allowing patients to quickly return to normal activities.

Better Outcomes

His decades of experience allow him to diagnose spinal issues at their earliest phase, allowing for a much smaller procedure and avoiding the need for future surgeries.

Patient Testimonials

“I was able to walk the same day after surgery. I have resumed all desired activity and have not experienced any pain since. Dr. Biscup's skills are outstanding, I could not recommend him higher.”
lower back pain treatment options
Roy, MI
“My surgery was on a Monday and by Wednesday I was walking 5 miles a day with no pain. I recommend Dr. Biscup to all my friends that are experiencing back pain.”
degenerative disc disease of lumbar spine
Jim, OH
“I awoke from surgery with zero pain and walked out the next morning feeling perfectly normal. I have not had one single twinge of pain since the surgery. This is truly a miracle for me."
Jim, NY