Seek a second opinion before your spinal fusion.

Understand your options for treating painful conditions through minimally invasive procedures that avoid the need for a fusion.

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Dr. Biscup sees many patients that are told they need a spinal fusion to relieve back pain and resolve their symptoms. However, a fusion is not always the best option – many lead to residual pain, reduced movement and extended recovery times.

Minimally invasive procedures offer an excellent alternative for treating painful conditions. Minimally invasive surgeries spare the cutting and detachment of muscle, bone and tendons, which accelerates the recovery process and reduces risk of infection. These less invasive procedures are often more effective than larger surgeries and are performed under local or spinal anesthesia, making them safe for those with other medical issues.

Because many physicians and hospitals do not offer minimal invasive treatment options, patients often do not know these alternatives exist. There are few training centers that teach surgeons minimally invasive techniques, resulting in many surgeons not having the training or skills to perform them. Dr. Biscup specialized in these advanced procedures. He has received extensive training and is frequently called upon to teach his skills to others.

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I awoke from surgery with zero pain and walked out the next morning feeling perfectly normal. I have not had one single twinge of pain since the surgery. This is truly a miracle for me.

Jim, NY


My back feels better than it has in a long time. I am even back to softball and fishing with very little pain. I'm thankful to Dr. Biscup for helping to improve my quality of life.

Jeff, FL


Immediately following surgery, I was standing and walking pain free. I am enjoying my life again and have Dr. Robert Biscup to thank!

David, OH