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Spinal Fusion with Instrumentation & Implants

Florida Spinal Fusion Surgery

One of the oldest and historically most common types of orthopedic surgeries, spinal fusion is aimed at stopping motion of the spine at a painful vertebrae level, thus reducing related pain. A spinal fusion operation joins together two or more vertebrae in order to treat spine conditions. In a fusion, the surgeon grafts natural or synthetic bone to grow between and join two vertebrae, thus forming one long bone segment.

The Procedure

The best location to perform a spinal fusion is in the intervertebral disc space, or the openings between vertebrae. Here, a surgeon can insert a hollow fusion cage to act as a shim and support the disc space.

During spinal fusion, a bone graft or synthetic material inside the fusion cage prior to insertion. Once in place, the cage provides support and stability after surgery, allowing the grafted material time to bind with and join the vertebrae above and below.

To determine if a fusion is successful, X-Rays and CT scans are obtained after surgery to evaluate the bone forming process.

Major Spine Reconstruction & Revision Surgery

As a further extension of the instrumented spine fusion operation, major spine reconstruction surgery usually involves more than one level of the spine and corrects a significant deformity. It is also employed to treat a severe spine fracture or tumor.

In revision spine surgery, a surgeon may remove an entire vertebrae with diseased segments and replace it with artificial devices. Only a limited number of qualified spine surgeons perform major spine reconstruction and revision spine operations because of the complexity and experience required.

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