A Relaxing Way To Relieve Back Discomfort

Back Pain Massage Therapy

Release Back Tension & Reduce Stress in One Visit

Back pain treatment isn’t all medication and exercise; sometimes, a relaxing massage is exactly what a patient needs to relieve muscle tension. Biscup Spine is a concierge back pain clinic. We cater to the individual needs of our patients, helping them find the most effective and simple solutions to back pain. Hands-on massage therapy is just one of the high-quality treatments we can connect you with.

There are several benefits to back pain massage therapy:

  • It helps to identify sore or injured muscles or muscle groups needing attention.
  • It breaks spasms in a muscle by passively stretching it.
  • The manual compression and stretching of massage helps release waste byproducts of muscle metabolism such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid.
  • It relieves muscle tension and reduces stress.
  • It is a non-invasive, comforting treatment for back pain.

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What You Should Know About Massage Therapy

The goal of massage therapy is to loosen muscles and increase blood flow to the muscles and tissues. When a bone or tissue is under stress, the muscles around it tighten as a protective measure. These muscles do not always release after the stressful period has ended, leading to pain and lactic acid buildup.

Several different types of massage serve as therapeutic treatment for muscle tightness. Acupuncture, therapeutic touch, deep tissue massage, and hot stone massage are just a few of the alternative techniques for relieving back tension.

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