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Back Brace Treatment in Florida

One of the oldest forms of spinal treatments, bracing is a traditional method of limiting the motion and function of a problem area of the spine. Today many surgeons use back braces for a variety of problems including after a spinal fusion. Braces can be made of plaster, metal and plastics and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, strengths, and applications.

Athletes and workers often wear what’s known as soft braces, or lumbar supports, in order to retain mobility while exercising or otherwise staying physically active. This is only advisable if the brace wearer is also performing an ongoing exercise program. Also, some braces can circulate ice water through them or provide electrical stimulation to a treated area to accelerate healing

Dangers of Overusing Back Braces

While they are still commonly prescribed to treat back conditions, physicians need to be careful in how long and often their patients wear them. A brace can affect posture and the way a wearer walks, sits and functions. Sometimes a brace-wearing patient begins to rely on the brace to do what his or her bones, muscles and joints should be doing, creating a risk of atrophy, or the continued weakening of these tissues. Patients can become functionally and psychologically dependent on the brace.

Due to these moderate risks, most braces require a prescription.

Is a Back Brace Right for You?

At Biscup Spine, we can assess your back pain and determine whether or not a back brace will be an effective treatment. If you have been recommended a back brace in the past, it is important that you follow your physician’s instructions carefully regarding when and how you wear it. When used properly, back braces can go a long way in treating spinal conditions, but overuse can end up causing more problems.

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