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Facet Joint Injections

Back Pain Management

Facet joint injections are more than just a back pain management treatment; they can also help us diagnose the cause of your back pain. If a facet joint injection helps sedate your back pain, it most likely means you have developed facet joint arthritis. While there is no cure for arthritis at this time, the good news is that we can effectively manage your pain through facet joint injections while working towards a more long-term solution.

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How Often Will I Need Injections?

This treatment is not intended to be a permanent solution to back pain. Its main benefit lies in relieving pain and helping your doctor rule out or confirm an arthritis diagnosis. Thankfully, when facet joint injections are effective the results last for several months. You can receive repeat injections periodically throughout the year to keep your back pain under control. Meanwhile, our team will be assessing your condition and developing a treatment plan aimed at eliminating your back pain once and for all.

Treatment You Can Trust

Biscup Spine is a concierge spinal health service, meaning our patients hire founding surgeon Dr. Robert S. Biscup on retainer. We take on fewer patients than the average medical clinic, allowing us to work more extensively with our clientele while we find the most effective solution to their back pain. Dr. Robert S. Biscup can discuss your treatment options with you and develop a personalized plan of care tailored to your preferences and goals.

Many patients who respond well to facet joint injections return for follow up treatment a few times per year. Our team can help you decide the best course of action for continuing your back pain management.

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